Brand Spanking New Review ~ THE MERRY WIDOW

I was just on the author loop for Red Sage and found out that my April 1st release, THE MERRY WIDOW has already received a review from Sarah Silversmith of Romance Reader’s Connection!
Hope it intrigues people enough to buy it (wink). This story is the first story I’ve written that didn’t contain any paranormal elements. I really enjoyed writing it however. The heroine was joy to write with her exotic looks inherited from an East Indian grandmother and her popensity for going against the grain.

Here’s a snippet of the review:

In THE MERRY WIDOW, Koko Brown writes a short, hot, historical story that is sure to titillate most readers. Mrs. Phillipa Jones is a widow running her late husband’s shipping company in late 20th century England. It has not always been the easiest thing to do, but she has managed admirably since his death. She has competition from a lot of quarters, but Lord Bellomont has been hounding the company’s doors trying to discuss business with her for weeks. She has politely rebuffed his business advances, but he has been doggedly persistent.

On a personal level, Phillipa has been lonely. Risking her reputation, but not knowing where else to turn, she procures the services of a male companion. The relationship is not necessarily sexual, she just wants some companionship. In a case of mistaken identity, Reggie, Lord Bellomont finds himself being escorted into Phillipa’s parlor.

These two find the sparks ignite immediately, but there are so many obstacles to overcome. Phillipa is looking for a paramour, not a husband and definitely not a hired lover. Add to that, Reggie is so young, it looks like she is robbing the cradle. Reggie, for his part, is a rake through and through. With this case of mistaken identity and a relationship based on subterfuge, he does not know how to make it right. These two lovers have their work cut out for them.


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