Marriage For All Title Contracted

I guess I can officially tell you all that I recently contracted a story I’ve co-written with one of my Scribes Unleashed authors – Taige Crenshaw– for Loose-Id to be released in February. Along with three other titles the stories will all feature marriage or getting married or wanting to get married in a significant way. Not sure what the others selected are about yet, but I can let you all take a peak at a synopsis for it.

Rosalind Fletcher the sole proprietress of a bakery called Forever I Do Wedding Cakes. Famous throughout the Low Country for her wondrous cakes she’s never in short supply of clients. Her creations are famous for being delicious, delectable, and producing some of the happiest marriages around. The men never stray, the women always keep their men happy and 99.7% have never faced each other on opposite ends of a court room.

But Rosalind hordes a family secret, her cakes are infused with a what’s called a Loving Spell an old Gullah recipe handed down from mother to daughter for almost a century.

Good luck turns bad when Ashley Benedict playboy and wedding planner extraordinaire client’s bail out of a cake tasting. Feeling bad about the no show, he helps Rosalind clean up afterwards. However gluttony kills the cat and Ashley plifers a slice of the enchanted cake.

Not one to take no for an answer, Ashley sets out to charm the pants off Rosalind. , while she frantically searches for an antidote. Both succeed, Ashley sooner than Rosalind –much to her dismay, since she finds herself slowly falling in love with a hunk with a knack for planning nuptials.

Will guilt pust Rosalind to finally find an antidote for Ashley or will she allow herself to at be locked into a loving relationship with the man of her dreams?

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